Who we are

We're a high school book club that loves to talk (usually everybody at one time) about awesome new books. Then we share the love - to help you find cool books - YA and adult ones. We think "word of mouth" is the best way. Let us know what titles you think we should add to our site.

We'd love for you to send a review through our contact page or through our sponsor, Beck McDowell - former teacher and author of THIS IS NOT A DRILL (Penguin, 2012) and the non-fiction book LAST BUS OUT - at www.beckmcdowell.com.

What we are not

  • Librarians or teachers. No adult reviewers. All our reviews are written by students.
  • Homework helpers. No study guides. Sorry. We're all about reading for fun.
  • Spoilers. We kinda hate people who tell you the end of the book!